Breed History

The Deutsch-Langhaar is one of the oldest of the continental pointers.They have been an established breed since 1879.Many dogs of the Langhaar type are seen in european hunting art, such as paintings,being used by falconers prior to the advent gun hunting.

history1 (12K)

Old oil paintings and copperplate engravings suggest that the German Longhair Pointer is one of the oldest Central European hunting dogs. German texts refer hawk and bird dogs, water and big game hunting dogs and these dogs were longhaired. The first kennel associations were founded by breeders in 1870īs. In 1879 the first breed standard was applied, remaining largely unchanged since.

The German Longhair Pointer is strong and muscular. Dog's height is 60-70 cm, bitches at 58-66 cm. The ideal weight is about 30 kg. There are six colors ranging from brown to different shades of white and brown spotted. All the colors should have brown head. The most common colour is brown, varying from coffee-brown to chocolate-brown. The rarest colour is pure brown & white.