German Longhair Pointers in Washington State

Greetings from Kennel Hubertus home of the Deutsch-Langhaar (German longhaired Pointer).

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The Deutsch-Langhaar is an all purpose gun dog that was developed for hunting a wide variety of game. The German Longhair Pointer is both strong and muscular as well as elegant in appearance.

The color can be any combination of brown and white and ranges from solid brown to almost mostly white. German Longhair Pointers weight generally ranges from 50 to 70 pounds and the ideal height 60 to 66 cm. The temperment of a German Longhair Pointer is generally more calm then some of the gun dog breeds.

The Deutsch-Langhaar is one of the oldest breeds of the continental pointers and has been an established breed since 1879.Today the breed is valued for its fine performance as a gun dog in many areas of Europe and is begining to find favor with North American hunters.